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 Rev. Michael E. Bales

First Assembly of God, Muscatine, Iowa

In all the Evangelist we've had, none has captured the hearts of the people like Tom. The response of the people to Tom and his ministry was great and encouraging. I personally appreciate his sincerity and his dedication to God and to the ministry. 


In a few short days of our conference several people made a commitment to Jesus Christ and Salvation either as a first-time commitment or a deep-seated recommitment. On Wednesday evening of the conference, numerous testimonies were given of God's healing touch. Through Tom's ministry several were filled or re filled with the Holy Spirit. A real work of the Spirit of God transpired in the hearts of nearly everyone. It's my conviction that we are going to reap results of this revival for several weeks and years to come. 


One of the outstanding qualities of Tom's life and ministry is his sincere desire to be the greatest possible benefit to the local pastor and church. A significant indication of this fact to me is that he wants to see the church continue to move in the momentum of what happened forward after revival has closed.


I believe my personal evaluation of Rev. Tom Buck may be summed up in the words of Acts 11:24 in reference to Barnabas: "For he was a good man and full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and a great number of people were added to the Lord."


It is with joy that I wholeheartedly recommend Evangelist Rev. Tom Buck to all pastors and churches. You will not be disappointed; you will be completely blessed. 

Ken Jasko

Senior Pastor, Monmouth Worship Center, Marlboro, NJ

NJ Presbyter

Rev. Tom Buck is a sincere servant of God.  He has served the Lord all his life, and understands how the church works.

Tom has a great attitude and is a true servant. He attended and served in our church in a variety of capacities for two years.  Tom is a good speaker and has a deep burden for souls, which is the most

important qualification for an evangelist or special speaker.  I love Tom and recommend him for ministry in your church.


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