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Rev. Thomas Buck is an Ordained Minister - first being credentialed as a minister with the Assemblies of God in 2011. He has served in several areas of ministry and leadership for over 25 years.


Tom was called into ministry in his teenage years. In his mid-twenties, he felt God calling him to begin the journey of an exciting evangelistic ministry. With an anointing for signs and wonders, Tom has filled many pulpits in this ministry, and has been an instrument God used to save and fill many with the Holy Spirit. Healings, deliverance, and prophecy are just some of the ways God moves during services as Tom ministers in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


Tom grew up in church and has been part of a few churches over the past 25 years where he has lead various ministries, children’s and adult, and has served and currently serves in Pastoral Leadership. Tom has also served on the Sectional and Network Executive Ministry Teams for Royal Rangers, currently serving as the Network Deputy Director.


Tom has held services and conferences at churches, Men’s Ministry events, and Sectional and District camps located in New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and in Iowa. At these events many have received salvation and deliverance, witnessed healings, and baptisms in the Holy Spirit, and much more.


Why TBM exists:

The heart of this ministry is to reach those who have not made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ - making Him their Lord and Savior and to see lives forever transformed through encountering the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Through solid biblical teaching, Tom helps people to deepen their own desire to grow in their personal relationship with God.

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Rev. Thomas Buck

Assemblies of God Evangelist


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